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The development of porous ti-nb-ta-zr alloy for Biomedical application

Absdtract : Porous titanium implants have been utilized to improve the attachment of implant to bone through the ingrowth of bone tissue within the porous structure. In many cases this has also coincided with a beneficial change in mechanical properties. The aim of the current investigation was to develop biocompatible porous titanium alloys produced from the alloying of titanium with b-stabilized elements, i.e., Nb, Ta and Zr, which are known to possess relatively low toxicity. The manufacturing procedure involved the blending of elemental powders, pressurized argon gas infusion, sintering in a hot isostatic press (HIP) furnace, and expansion of the argon filled pores (foaming). Scanning electron microscopy, optical microscopy, X-ray diffraction and digital image analysis revealed that porous a+b titanium alloy with pore sizes ranging about 20-200 micron hasĀ  been fabricated. This present study illustrated the potential of this novel manufacturing method for the production of titanium alloys for medical implant applications using elemental powder as the starting material.

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International Conference on Materials and Metallurgical Technology 2009 (ICOMMET 2009) ITS Surabaya Indonesia

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